List of Features and Screenshots!

img_ur redd_it Cute Cat Cute Red Panda


An endless runner with a few twists. Help Puyu and Mochi through the vast and magical world. Avoid dangerous obstacles and collect as many fruits as you can!

Multitasking Game Control Two Characters At Once


Test your limits! You take control of Puyu and Mochi at the same time! Move Puyu to avoid obstacles; at the same time, help navigate Mochi to collect fruits.

Stroop Effect Game Tricky Colors Game

Stroop Effect

Red or Green? Mochi must get the fruit with the color of the word describing the color. Don’t be deceived though, as the color of the word and the word describing the color is different!

Reaction Speed Game

Reaction Speed

Test the limit of your reaction speed. React fast to help Puyu avoid tricky obstacles, multitask under the Stroop effect and control Mochi to collect fruits to increase the score multiplier.

Play the game with your children


Play cooperatively on a single device! Spend time with your friends and family and see how far you get! You can play as Puyu while your friend can control Mochi!

redd_it Cute Cat img_ur Cute Red Panda

Puyu and Friends

The World of Puyu & Mochi is just beginning. Make sure to check back for more exciting adventures. Follow Puyu & Mochi on Facebook to stay informed of their next adventure!

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